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  • Benefits of video for small business

    Last week, we were delighted to be invited to present a session to a range of small businesses and start ups, about how they could use video communications to boost their brand.

    Although even blue chips have budget limits, SMEs …

  • We’ve done the double!

    We’re thrilled to announce we’ve scooped both GOLD and SILVER in a single category at the EVCOM Clarion Awards 2017. The awards, run by Europe’s largest trade association for the corporate communication (film/digital) and events industries, recognise outstanding performance in …

  • Three of the biggest myths about video for internal communications

    Over the years, we’ve heard them all. The myths surrounding corporate video production.

    So we thought we’d take a look at our top three myths around video for internal communications and try to de-bunk them for you.

    Video for internal

  • How scrapping unskippable YouTube ads can give you a creative edge

    News that YouTube is scrapping ‘unskippable’ 30 second advertisements on its video-streaming service from 2018 has received a generally positive response within the industry. And it’s finally an acknowledgement from Google that many viewers find them a ‘nuisance’. It backs …

  • How your video archive can create compelling corporate comms

    As your video output grows, so should your archive library. But does your footage languish somewhere fairly inaccessible with no easy way to search and re-use? Or is it a central pillar of your organisation’s video output, integrated into your …

  • Boosting your in-house capability

    If one of your aims for 2017 is to boost the in-house video capability of your organisation and make even better, more effective films for your brand, using a flexible resource to plug skills gaps may be just what you …

  • Video in 2016 – How’s it been for you?

    2016 is a year many of us will be glad to see the back off. No matter what personal joy we may have had over the past 12 months, political and humanitarian upheavels – together with a disproportionate number of …

  • Brand benefits of Facebook Live Videos and how to get it right

    We’ve been providing consultancy to a client, helping them get ready for their first Facebook Live Q&A broadcast.

    On the face of it, it can seem that not much preparation is really needed. You just point your iphone at the

  • How video trumps it all

    So here we are.

    9th November 2016, and Donald Trump is the USA’s President Elect. As the world reels from the surprising (and for many, shocking) result, we take a look at how video helped or hindered the campaigns of …

  • The eight emotions which drive content engagement

    We know that when the creative is right and storytelling is strong, video has the power to emotionally engage with audiences over and above any other means of communication. But what motivates people to engage with and watch your content …