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Benefits of video for small business

small business concept diagram hand drawing on blackboard
small business concept diagram hand drawing on blackboard

Last week, we were delighted to be invited to present a session to a range of small businesses and start ups, about how they could use video communications to boost their brand.

Although even blue chips have budget limits, SMEs often work within even tighter constraints, both in terms of cold, hard cash – and having the time and headspace to make video marketing a priority. But what everybody who attended the event had in common, was an appreciation of how video is an important and effective tool for any business. No matter its size.

We were able to show our audience plenty of examples of successful video comms from companies both large and small, who really understand how to use video successfully, often on a very small budget. Showing that – with creativity and strategic thinking – no business can use limited funds as an excuse for not including it within their digital marketing mix. Many of the top tips from the session apply to everybody equally, no matter what business you work in, and whatever the scale

Tell the story of your business. Look for what will interest and be relevant to your audience, and don’t simply push information onto them about your given product or service. Using video as a top line emotional engager in this way will hook viewers in and help set you apart. Don’t be afraid to use humour if appropriate, and always humanise your organisation. Give it personality. Ensure viewers can connect with you, your ethos, your workforce. You can then use complimentary video comms to give them specific details about what you sell and the benefits
Think about all the different ways you can creatively communicate your business story, cutting through the ‘noise’ of the millions of videos out there. A ‘top down’ approach e.g. a talking head from the CEO, isn’t always the answer, so explore alterative options to use video in more informative, creative and compelling ways.
Use video content to engage with your customers at every stage of their buying process. Reach out to them during their initial awareness and consideration stages, offer them ‘how to…’ videos and customer testimonials when they’re deep in research and want to validate your offering and connect with them and enhance experience and loyalty on purchase.
Take a bit of time to think about SEO. It doesn’t cost anything to ensure that your videos have the right metadata, tags and thumbnails before you publish them online. Just a few minutes of your time. And this information will ensure you maximise the opportunities for your audience to find your videos in the online space
Remember we’re living in a cross platform age. Putting your videos onto youtube and linking them to your website may not be enough. How are your audience going to consume your videos? On a PC? A mobile? Via social media? Thinking about where they will be viewed, and where your audience live online, based on their age, gender, interests, demographic, should influence not only the content itself, but also your video distribution strategy
And finally – remember that your audience has to like you before it will buy from you. Whomever or whatever you put on screen. And whatever the tone of your video comms. If you know your audience, and think about what they like to watch, emulate that and you’re on your way to a great video culture for your business.